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EMA Voters have voted that Lady Gaga EMA 2011 “Marry The Night” performance is the Best Moment for the 20th Anniversary of the EMA’s with 1,116,015 votes [48%]


Boy Meets World, 1993-2000.
Full House, 1987-1995.
Married With Children, 1987-1997.
Saved By The Bell, 1989-1993.
Roseanne, 1988-1997.
Home Improvement, 1991-1999.
That ’70s Show, 1998-2006.

I’m every icon

I’m every icon

Lady Gaga - Sex Dreams
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(Last night) All lovers quarrel (I was thinking about you)
Heard, more than I can save (And it was pain and dirty)
Oh my (the way that you looked at me)
Help me here! (It was plain and nasty, aah!)
Help me here!
Cause I can’t help my mind from going there!
Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend 
Wanna meet at my place? 
Heard that we both got nothing to do… 
When I lay in bed, I touch myself and think of you 
Last night Damn, you were in my sex dreams 
Doing really nasty things 
Damn, you were in my sex dreams 
Making love in my sex dreams (4x)
[Verse 2]
We could be caught (I just want this to be perfect)
We’re both convicted criminals of thought (cause I’m broken) 
Let’s white- (by the one before) glove the bed 
(He was kind of nasty) Here me here! (And I feel so trashy) 
Cause we can’t hide the evidence in our heads!

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Heavy Metal Lover v Monster